Gas Fitting

We do all gas hot water, gas oven, gas heating, gas leaks, installation and conversions.

Gas Hot Water

We help you to save energy bill by installing the gas hot water system. You would be worry free for the electricity bills, especially when you have many family members living in one roof.

We do it with best prices and strong warranty from big brand name suppliers like Rheem, Vulcan.

Gas Heating

In cooler months or freezing winter, you must have a gas heating system, which is more effective than any electricity heating system. We can install gas heating throughout your home or business.

Gas Ovens

If you run a commercial kitchen, or simply you cook every day with lots of love, a gas ovens is a must, you could cook faster with cheaper cost and better for the environment. Food does not dry out as much so they are perfect for roasts and slow cooked meals. If you are looking to upgrade your oven, consider installing a gas oven to not only improve your cooking but to also minimise running costs.

Gas Leaks

If you smell gas around the house, call us right away, we would come to inspect it immediately. It is very dangerous to have gas leaks in the house, we would quickly arrive and inspect your gas system. We are experienced with gas leaks and keep your home safe with small cost.